Dog training services offered across Lincolnshire

Marsh Lane, Barrow Haven


Mini Courses

Mini courses are focused group classes on specific topics and consist of 3 x 1.5 hour sessions. The sessions focus on why the dog is doing what it does and strategies to achieve the behaviour you want.

Walking at your side

This is a practical mini course where you learn how to get your dog to walk at your side both on and off the lead. We include games that you can practice at home and build in lots of distractions throughout the course. On the final day we go out and about so you can really put what you have learnt in to practise.


Does your dog find other dogs, birds and everything else more interesting than coming back to you or is it hit and miss? This mini course works on getting a reliable recall with distractions.

Clicker Training and Shaping

How is your timing? Why not learn how to use the two most reliable and fun training methods.