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Marsh Lane, Barrow Haven or Marsh Lane, North Somercoates


Hoopers - a new sport for dogs

Hoopers is a new, low impact dog sport which is fun for all ages of dogs and handlers. The code of ethics from Canine Hoopers UK is that no dog or handler is prevented from taking part in either training or competitions. Instead of physical dexterity, the challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the handler and the dog to work together as a smooth flowing team at a distance.

Canine Hoopers UK was formed in 2017. Canine Hoopers UK strives to protect the longer-term well- being of the dog by maintaining flowing courses of low impact obstacles and aims to be an inclusive dog sport making sure that this sport is accessible to all dogs and handlers, in particular those handlers with limited mobility.

Canine Hoopers UK are so dedicated to access to all dogs and people that if an accredited instructor was found to refuse access they would be removed from the accredited list. All equipment must comply with Canine Hoopers UK measurements to ensure dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds can participate without having to take sharp turns, bend down for tunnels or hoops and run at a natural pace for that dog.

Accredited Instructors are tested not only on their ability to train the sport but also to be able to put together courses that are safe, challenging and focus on distance control. Hoopers is great fun and at the start 3 pieces of equipment are used:

  • Hoops for dogs to go through
  • Barrels for dogs to go around and to make a straight and clean entry into a tunnel
  • 80cm tunnels that are between 1 and 3 meters
  • Hoopers is a fun activity for you and your dog:

  • Dogs from puppies to seniors can participate, there are no jumps, no bending down to enter tunnels and no sharp turns
  • It is accessible to dogs and people of all abilities
  • Develops distance control and drive
  • Keeps retired agility dogs active according to their fitness and happy
  • When and where?

    Calmer Dog Training, Marsh Lane, Barrow Haven DN19 7ES. Every Sunday - 1pm and Every Monday - 8pm

    Rainbows, Marsh Lane, North Somercoates. Lincolnshire LN117NT Every Thursday - 2pm and 7:30pm

    Private lessons are available

    How much does it cost?

    £10 per session. All sessions are with a CHUK (Canine Hoopers UK) Accredited Instructor