Dog training services offered across Lincolnshire

Marsh Lane, Barrow Haven or Marsh Lane, North Somercoates


Obedience and foundation skill classes - Work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

Obedience and foundation classes are for dogs of all ages and abilities including older dogs who have had little or no formal training or if you just want to build a relationship with your dog. You can work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold

Your dog will learn how to:

  • To walk nicely without pulling
  • Come back to you when called
  • Be able to listen to your cues and sit, stand, lay down etc
  • Be able to settle
  • Greet other people and dogs, politely
  • Deal with the unknown and new experiences
  • Play fun games, learn tricks and scent work
  • When and where?

    Rainbow, Marsh Lane, North Somercotes - Lincolnshire - Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm - £10 per class

    Marsh Lane, Barrow Haven - North Lincolnshire - Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm and 7pm - £10 per class